Holy Week April, 2019 "Say NO to Hate; Say Yes to Love; Love God; Love your Neighbor" Campaign

What We Are Doing

In this week when Christians mark the depth of God’s solidarity with the suffering of humanity through Jesus’ outstretched arms on the cross and the power of life over death in his resurrection; in this week when Jews mark the Passover and the deep remembrance of God’s liberation of God’s people; in this week when Baha’is celebrate worldwide the First Day of Ridvan (Paradise), their most Holy Day, calling us to remembrance of the oneness of humanity, religion, and our Creator, we come together in the strongest way possible to say NO to hate in all its forms and YES to love. We ask all of you, our beloved neighbors in the High Country, to join us in this witness. We ask you to help us blanket the High Country in the love that surpasses understanding and to extend that love to our neighbor. 

How You Can Become Involved

You will see this wording on yard signs and fliers throughout our community:

Say NO to hate

Say YES to love

Love God

Love Your Neighbor

Make a copy of this image, obtain a flier, put up a yard sign--however you are moved to respond--and join us in blanketing the High Country with LOVE. 

Ask your neighbor, ask a business to put the flier in their window. 

If you don’t adhere to a faith tradition, but do desire to convey love to your neighbor, we invite you to be creative and create a sign that expresses these sentiments in keeping with your deepest values. 

Find out more

An Open Letter from High Country Multi-Faith Clergy and Leaders To Our Neighbors (April 14, 2019)